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minor thread :: california love

A new little goodie, added to the Minor Thread shop this evening..

Minor Thread California Bear Tote Bag

Minor Thread - California Bear Tote Bag

It’s good to remember that I need to get back to my roots, sometimes… I’ll be doing a lot more sewing, soon!

daily .img :: sunrise, sunset

The winter skies have been very dramatic, here in Los Angeles.

sunrise by Minor Thread


Sunset by Minor Thread

daily .img :: works on paper.

Getting back to the idea of putting pen to paper.

And while I’m at it: a few images on paper, too. The snapshot, for me, will always be art. I guess it’s my inner Eggleston.

A look into… Cleveland Art

One of the hidden gems on the East Side: Cleveland Art, vintage and industrial salvage.

There are days when I think I could live in there.


I’ve been missing my craftiness a little, lately. There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to crack into a big pile of vintage fabric and felt, and just create away. That urge has pretty much left me in the past year or so, but I know that I need to get back to it. I know that if I were cranking out piles of Minor Thread’s California Love pillows, my neighbors would be in bliss! A select few of them own some, and they always tell me they want more.

Soon, I need to carve out some time, break out the scissors, thread the needle and get to work.

daily .img :: rust

The past week or so has been incredible for thrifting. Is it a post-holiday clean-out of everyone’s houses? People moving on to bigger and better things? Whatever it is, I’ve been happily cleaning up the discards.



These mugs and these place mats were found on two different thrift trips, but I really love the way they look together. I can just imagine having hot cocoa next to a roaring fire in the Pacific Northwest– in the 70’s, of course.

daily .img :: this face

I mean. Just look at this face. How can you resist a face like that?


Just one of the reasons I love my neighborhood: a quick snapshot of a stranger’s dog turned into an hours-long wine & conversation session with some of the coolest folks in the ‘hood, at our new local wine bar. And it all started with this adorable pup. Good work bringing folks together, Honey Bear!

color fixation :: yellow

Anyone who has been to our loft knows that we have a thing for yellow. Yellow tea kettle. Yellow chairs. Yellow here, yellow there. In honor of the sunniest of color splashes, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite yellow things!


For the love of yellow!

{a} Beam Mug from CB2 {b} Yellow Industrial Pendant from West Elm {c} Yellow Scoop Back Chair from West Elm {d} Yellow Liquid Bowl from CB2 {e} Lucky Number Knob from Anthropologie {f} Sun Kissed Yellow Paint from West Elm



daily .img :: night


A favorite sight from our neighborhood…

daily .img :: graphic punch


Bored with my plain cork coasters, I decided to punch them up a little.The hard part is knowing when to keep going, and when to stop. I found myself wanting to draw little triangles long into the night.. but sometimes fewer is better.




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