vintage california

One of the most fun parts (so far!) of wedding planning has been dreaming up exactly what the day will look like. To set the tone, I started collecting vintage California postcards… It’s been a fun task, involving many hours on eBay and a few trips to the flea market.

The not fun part? Sending all of these beauties off, as save-the-date cards. So I decided to scan them all– yes, all!– so I can continue to enjoy them.

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

I have a lot of these, so there will be more to share, later!

daily .img :: film detour

Sometimes, it’s good to get back to your roots. Remember what brought you to an art form in the first place.

This past weekend, I had a lot of time to think about just that. And as much as I appreciate the ease of creating images digitally, I do often miss the smell of the darkroom, the sight of prints drying on the rack and the feeling you get when something comes out just right– the first time, or after hours after hour, perfecting a skill.

A lot of that gets lost, without the use of film. I know that there are other skills and standards with digital work, but it’s just different.

Image on film

In a good way.

A sunny day in the Arts District

You have to love the ‘golden hour’- that window of time where the sun hits just right and everything around you looks amazing.

Traction Street in Downtown L.A.’s Arts District is a perfect place for capturing some truly golden images at this time of day. The streets are full of life, color..

…and just the right amount of whimsy.