Month: May 2012


Having spent so much time looking forward to the brighter, lighter days of summer, I find myself in a bit of a funk. Here are a few things that are inspiring me, today.

:: A brief of Heath Ceramics, and the importance of doing what you love.

:: The story of Tom Gabel of Against Me! and his decision to come out as transgendered.

:: The Apple Sisters sing about Handsome Coffee, featuring performances by The Handsomes (as I call them) themselves. These guys have worked hard, kicked ass and are bringing something amazing to the people. Simply inspiring.

Now go, and get inspired.

And we rock,
Because it’s us against them.
We found our own reasons to sing,
And it’s so much less confusing
when lines are drawn like that,
When people are either consumers or revolutionaries,
Enemies or friends hanging on the fringes
Of the cogs in the system,
It’s just about knowing where everyone stands.
All of a sudden,
People start talking ’bout guns,
Talking like they’re going to war,
‘Cause they found something to die for,
Start taking back what they stole-
sure beats every other option,
But does it make a difference how we get it?
Well do you really fucking get it?
No, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no….

-Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious… by Against Me!

daily .img :: farmer’s market

Had a great time at the East Los Angeles Farmer’s Market this morning. A small market, but definitely a hidden gem of the East Side.

Now.. to put all of this good produce to use!

The Want List

Inspired by a question posed by the folks at Baggu this morning, I dreamt up this perfect little outfit for Spring! Of course, the only thing missing is a camera and that airline ticket from LAX-JFK.

1) Haney Dress, Steven Alan 2) Yellow Colorblock Hat, Target 3) Old Tennis Shoe, Swedish Hasbeens 4) Heart Shaped Buckle Belt, Asos 5) Lucite Ball Necklace, Far4

Now, who’s ready for a trip?

The Want List

I love to window shop. The best part about it is that you don’t have to take it all home, but sometimes- just sometimes- you find a few things that are so special you just have to make room.

Enter, The Want List.

1. Teak measuring spoons 2. Classic Chemex Coffee Brewer 3. Dansk Teak Ice Bucket 4. Ego Coffee Cup and Saucer 5. Heath Ceramics House Numbers in Yellow

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