Month: March 2013

Farewell Transmission…

Taking a moment to mourn musician Jason Molina, today.

Farewell transmission..

I have so many memories- both fond and profound- of the way his music and lyrics impacted my formative years. So many lessons learned about love– and alcohol. No doubt that he will be missed by the people who loved him most, but that his music will live on for years to come. Rest in peace, Jason.

I am proof
that the heart
is a risky fuel to burn


Brought home some new friends, recently..

Succulent garden

Succulent garden

Welcoming spring with new growth, and some vintage yellow ceramic pottery.


We can't change the world. Unless we change ourselves. -Biggie

A reminder..

Edit yourself.

vintage love :: orange + teak


Vintage Teak Napkin Rings

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