Hi, I’m ch.

I’ve been creating and sharing for a long time. Born & raised in the Bay, now residing in L.A.

I collect and shoot with a lot of different cameras: Film, digital, Polaroid and often, my iPhone 6. I share a lot of them over here, and hope to share even more with you on this blog.

See also:

Minor Thread :: Since 2003, a design house focusing on handcrafted goods made from reclaimed and vintage deadstock materials. I work mostly in fabric, and a little bit of paper from time to time.

Vint :: Since 2009, turning my lifelong obsession for thrifting  from a hobby into my own vintage housewares shop. I love giving new life to old things, and I love seeing these lovely prizes go to new homes.

The Postmarks Project :: Since 2002, a Polaroid photo exchange with Baltimore’s own Ben Johnson. Instant images + small words, mailed across the country and shared with you.

You can also find me on Twitter, on Pinterest and on Flickr.