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Skyline view

Polaroid by ch |Impossible Color Film | Minor Thread blog

Impossible Color Film | 2013
Los Angeles, California


Polaroid by ch |Impossible Cyanograph Film | Minor Thread blog


Impossible Cyanograph Film | April 2014
Los Angeles, California

look up, look up

Polaroid Photo by ch | Charlie Wright

Windmill | April 19, 2014
Santa Margarita Ranch

Wedding souvenir

Polaroid photo by ch | Charlie Wright

More Fun: Joe & Beth’s Wedding | April 19, 2014
Santa Margarita Ranch

A photograph to mark the occasion

Polaroid photo by ch | Charlie Wright

A photograph to mark the occasion of Edwin Land’s birthday | May 7, 2014

impossible skyline

Polaroid Land Camera

Polaroid Land Camera, against the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles. | August 14, 2013
Impossible Project PX70 Color Shade film

impossible sunset

Polaroid Sunset

Sunset, Downtown Los Angeles | August 2, 2013
Impossible Project PX70 Color Shade film

riches and wonders

All Hail West Texas - Vinyl - The Mountain Goats

There is just something about an old, favorite, familiar album. ‘All Hail West Texas’ is one such gem. Today, my copy of the vinyl reissue arrived, and listening to it again served to remind me of why I like music. Specifically, John Darnielle’s music. 11 years old, and this album still stands tall; rings true.

Before our wedding last year, I spent a lot of time thinking about songs that embody our relationship and would be appropriate inclusions in our celebration. “Riches and Wonders” never crossed my mind, but tonight I realized that- lyrically- it’s the closest thing to perfect that I can imagine.

We live high
Our love gorges on the alcohol we feed it
And it grows all fat and friendly
we have surplus if we need it
we hold on as hard as we can
our knuckles are white

we write letters to each other
invent secrets to confess to
I learn foreign and exotic terms of endearment
by which to address you
we feed fresh fruit to one another
we stay up all night

I am healthy, I am whole
but I have poor impulse control
and I want to go home
but I am home

we are strong, we are faithful
we are guardians of a rare thing
we pay close careful attention
to the news the morning air brings
we show great loyalty to the hard times we've been through

we are filled with riches and wonders
our love keeps things it finds
and we dance like drunken sailors
lost at sea
out of our minds
you find shelter somewhere in me
I find great comfort in you

And I keep you safe from harm
you hold me in your arms
and I want to go home
but I am home

into the light

In light of recent events… I found this quote by Nelson Mandela to be appropriate.

There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.

Please feel free to share this image.

vintage in color

Some recent additions to the Vint shop, in a few delicious colors.

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