Stash, stash, sew

It’s no surprise, if you know me, that I have a huge collection of vintage fabric. Fabrics that I’ve purchased, fabrics that I’ve been gifted, fabrics that I inherited from my grandmother– even fabric that I’ve inherited from other people’s grandmothers (true story.)

I’ve recently resolved to dig into this stash, bust out the scissors and get to stitching.

So, this weekend, I made a few pillow covers. They’re made with this a-ma-zing vintage textile that I bought from Mikasa, Su Casa on Etsy, and backed with Robert Kaufman’s Essex yarn dye linen fabric. And, I must say, they are the perfect refresh for Spring.

Just what I needed!

Stash Stash Sew

Stash Stash Sew

Stash Stash Sew

I intend to keep going with this project– going through my stash, and finally making good use of it. Follow along on Instagram with the tag, #stashstashsew!


Another holiday season, another new year. Another 365 days of completely lax record-keeping, via this particular electronic forum.


Rolling the idea around in my head of creating some sort of project for 2015, something that will magically make me feel more productive, more useful, more valid.

But nothing stands out. I imagine I’ll continue to capture images, daily. Snapshots no one will ever see, film that never gets developed, instant photos that are never scanned.

Maybe this is enough.

thoughts, marching on.

Read something earlier today about putting intention and energy into the world during the month of March, about what you want for your future. So here it is: In the month of March I want to take significant steps towards opening my own brick + mortar store.
Those of you who know the saga know that I have been at this for a very long time, and, well: it’s about damn time, don’t you think?

My focus has shifted from the original plan that I formed the day that I moved to Los Angeles in 2009.. that idea was carelessly shared with too many people, and that store is no longer mine to open. Onward, upward.

So here’s to having zero doubts that I can do this!