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Prints for sale

Exciting news in the Minor Thread shop! I’ve finally found the time to produce more woodblock-mounted prints, and they were added to the shop last night.

A few of my favorites (well, they’re all my favorites, of course..!)

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

See all of the available prints in the Minor Thread shop, and stay tuned for more awesomeness through the summer!

Minor Thread, California Lovin’

Few things make me happier than some good, solid California Love. One of my favorite applique motifs right now is a visual interpretation of this theme.

Minor Thread California Love Tote

Each heart and California are hand-cut from a custom-made stencil, and hand-appliqued onto recycled or vintage fabrics. I love how it looks against this salvaged raw denim!

California Love Tote by Minor Thread

Coming soon to the shop, a new crop of California Love goods, including some awesome throw pillows!

See more California (and Los Angeles, and Bay Area) love at the Minor Thread shop!

minor thread :: california love

A new little goodie, added to the Minor Thread shop this evening..

Minor Thread California Bear Tote Bag

Minor Thread - California Bear Tote Bag

It’s good to remember that I need to get back to my roots, sometimes… I’ll be doing a lot more sewing, soon!


I’ve been missing my craftiness a little, lately. There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to crack into a big pile of vintage fabric and felt, and just create away. That urge has pretty much left me in the past year or so, but I know that I need to get back to it. I know that if I were cranking out piles of Minor Thread’s California Love pillows, my neighbors would be in bliss! A select few of them own some, and they always tell me they want more.

Soon, I need to carve out some time, break out the scissors, thread the needle and get to work.

daily .img :: graphic punch


Bored with my plain cork coasters, I decided to punch them up a little.The hard part is knowing when to keep going, and when to stop. I found myself wanting to draw little triangles long into the night.. but sometimes fewer is better.




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