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vintage california

One of the most fun parts (so far!) of wedding planning has been dreaming up exactly what the day will look like. To set the tone, I started collecting vintage California postcards… It’s been a fun task, involving many hours on eBay and a few trips to the flea market.

The not fun part? Sending all of these beauties off, as save-the-date cards. So I decided to scan them all– yes, all!– so I can continue to enjoy them.

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

I have a lot of these, so there will be more to share, later!

vintage love :: gingham

I came across these vintage cotton napkins a while back, and have been quietly keeping them to myself. However, they’re too cute not to share!

I really don’t need to add to my collection of vintage cloth napkins, so I decided to make them available in the shop.

More delightful gingham goodness!

Blue Gingham Dress

daily .img :: rain, rain

As you can imagine, it doesn’t rain much on Los Angeles. So when it rains- as they say- it pours.

This weekend and the weekend before, we’ve had just one day’s worth of downpours. They last for a few hours, and then the sky clears, and we’re back to sunshine. Mostly.

Times like these, I need to bring a little sunshine indoors. A few fresh flowers in my favorite colors? Check. An amazing turquoise Bauer vase? Check. Some Awesome Bears and friends to make you smile? Double check.

An added bonus? I’ve been sourcing and adding to the the vintage shop tons of amazing vintage kitchenware in lovely Spring colors- Lots of yellows, turquoise, pale greens and even a dash of pink here and there. Head over to Vint and see what’s new!

daily .img :: vintage love

Some lovely new vintage scores from my recent buying trips… I just love seeing them all together.

All items from the Vint shop on Etsy.com.

Vintage Ceramic Deer

Vintage Wire Basket

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