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I have this little orchid plant that I rescued, about a year ago… Well, make that four rescued orchids, two of which have survived. I re-potted them and took some cues from Derek over at Plantgasm on how to care for them. Plantgasm is a fantastic plant blog (totally safe for work) and I’ve admired Derek’s photographs and writing for years now.

It took a long time, but one of the orchids finally started to put out new growth and finally bloomed!

From Friday morning:

…Then Friday afternoon:

…And now, Monday morning!

A lovely plum and yellow Phalaenopsis! Of the two surviving plants, I think I’ve just realized why this one has done so well: it sits on a shelf right above/behind my computer at work- getting lots of sun, and lots of warmth from the computer, probably helping to create the humid environment that orchids love so much.

Perhaps the next step is to make room on the shelf for a rather large cymbidium?


  1. your work desk looks so cozy! how do i do that to my cube at work? maybe a plant would help.

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