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As much as we’ve accomplished with our loft, I’m always on the hunt for that next thing that is going to make it even better.

I love these chairs. They’re vintage– thrifted, really– kind of crazy. Really amazing and.. just a little ugly. I mean, ugly in a good way. Ugly in that “I survived the 70’s” kind of way. And hell, they’re comfy.


But another part of me loves the idea of fiberglass shell chairs, or a huge wooden bench upholstered with vintage fabric. Maybe someday? But for now. Embrace the yellow naugahyde.



  1. i’m pretty in love with the quilted place mats you have.

  2. I think we had those placemats, or a darker brown version. Love the new look on the blog.

    • Nice! I’m always on the lookout for faux-patchwork items. I think I bought these years ago with the intent of selling them, but I just couldn’t… love them too much!

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