Nobody likes a copy cat. And for sure, nobody likes when that copy cat is a Big Company, trying to rip off a really, really rad Little Company.

I’ve been a big fan of the gals from Curator in San Francisco and their fresh, easy-to-wear designs for women. I think I bought my first “Classic” dress from Curator when they were still known as She-Bible, and we were vendors at the same craft fairs. Since then, they’ve gone on to grow and evolve their brand, and have even opened up their own 300 sq ft boutique in San Francisco’s Noe Valley.

All the while, they’ve stayed true to their roots, designing flattering and affordable pieces that are made right here in the U.S. Imagine my shock and surprise when I was searching for sewing patterns and found this:

Butterick, a subsidiary of sewing giant McCall’s, has blatantly ripped off the Classic dress design. I own about six of these dresses in different colors and fabrics, so I know this one when I see it.

The Classic Dress by Curator

Butterick was nice enough to show the dress in the same color as the original, for ease of comparison…
But they didn’t stop there..

The Darling Dress design, ripped off

Hey, that looks familiar!

The real deal, by Curator

Oh, that’s right: It’s the Darling dress, by Curator. Let McCall’s and Butterick know what you think of “their” new designs.. then head on over to Curator SF and pick yourself up something pretty! You deserve it.