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daily .img :: flora

May flowers

May flowers.

daily .img :: early summer salad

A quick early-Summer “chopped” salad..

summer salad

Toss diced cucumber, sweet yellow corn, diced jicama, English peas, diced spring onions and basil chiffonade in a bowl with lime juice, olive oil, salt and a little pepper.


daily .img :: camera collection

Camera collection

vintage camera

A few new additions to the vintage camera collections. These beauties are just some of the pieces that will be on display for our first Vint Rentals client, this summer!

daily .img :: busy bee

Been busy many lots of new things for the Minor Thread shop!

Minor Thread

Minor Thread

Minor Thread

daily .img :: observatory

Griffith Park :: Polaroid

Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles | April 30, 2013
Polaroid SX-70 Blend film

On Boston.

A few images, from our trip to Boston a couple of years ago.

Street lamp


I’d never been to Boston, and maybe was much less excited about being in Boston than I was about being in New York. We had just left New York, taking the train into Boston. It was our second trip to New York, a very short one. Only enough time to see a few sights, eat some great food, visit wonderful friends– and to get engaged, over a glass of wine in the East Village.



How could a week in Boston compare to the magic of Manhattan? It was hot, it was muggy, it was.. Massachusetts. But we explored, most of the time with family, and I found so many things to photograph.




So much history, so much good food, so much brick!




So many things that I knew my father would love to see, if he ever gets a chance to visit.




By the time we left Boston and made our way back to Los Angeles, I found myself missing it… I missed sitting in a cafe on a hot afternoon, sipping Campari and soda… I missed the gelato… the beautiful buildings.



Boston, I am thinking of you, today.

Farewell Transmission…

Taking a moment to mourn musician Jason Molina, today.

Farewell transmission..

I have so many memories- both fond and profound- of the way his music and lyrics impacted my formative years. So many lessons learned about love– and alcohol. No doubt that he will be missed by the people who loved him most, but that his music will live on for years to come. Rest in peace, Jason.

I am proof
that the heart
is a risky fuel to burn


Brought home some new friends, recently..

Succulent garden

Succulent garden

Welcoming spring with new growth, and some vintage yellow ceramic pottery.


We can't change the world. Unless we change ourselves. -Biggie

A reminder..

Edit yourself.

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