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Prints for sale

Exciting news in the Minor Thread shop! I’ve finally found the time to produce more woodblock-mounted prints, and they were added to the shop last night.

A few of my favorites (well, they’re all my favorites, of course..!)

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

See all of the available prints in the Minor Thread shop, and stay tuned for more awesomeness through the summer!

daily .img :: film detour

Sometimes, it’s good to get back to your roots. Remember what brought you to an art form in the first place.

This past weekend, I had a lot of time to think about just that. And as much as I appreciate the ease of creating images digitally, I do often miss the smell of the darkroom, the sight of prints drying on the rack and the feeling you get when something comes out just right– the first time, or after hours after hour, perfecting a skill.

A lot of that gets lost, without the use of film. I know that there are other skills and standards with digital work, but it’s just different.

Image on film

In a good way.

daily .img :: sky on fire

Missing this sunset..


daily .img :: rust

The past week or so has been incredible for thrifting. Is it a post-holiday clean-out of everyone’s houses? People moving on to bigger and better things? Whatever it is, I’ve been happily cleaning up the discards.



These mugs and these place mats were found on two different thrift trips, but I really love the way they look together. I can just imagine having hot cocoa next to a roaring fire in the Pacific Northwest– in the 70’s, of course.

daily .img :: this face

I mean. Just look at this face. How can you resist a face like that?


Just one of the reasons I love my neighborhood: a quick snapshot of a stranger’s dog turned into an hours-long wine & conversation session with some of the coolest folks in the ‘hood, at our new local wine bar. And it all started with this adorable pup. Good work bringing folks together, Honey Bear!

daily .img :: night


A favorite sight from our neighborhood…

daily .img :: jet setting

Not quite, but.. a quick weekend trip does make it feel that way.



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