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minor thread blog - june

minor thread blog - june

minor thread blog - june

minor thread blog - june

daily .img :: farmer’s market

Had a great time at the East Los Angeles Farmer’s Market this morning. A small market, but definitely a hidden gem of the East Side.

Now.. to put all of this good produce to use!

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daily .img :: rain, rain

As you can imagine, it doesn’t rain much on Los Angeles. So when it rains- as they say- it pours.

This weekend and the weekend before, we’ve had just one day’s worth of downpours. They last for a few hours, and then the sky clears, and we’re back to sunshine. Mostly.

Times like these, I need to bring a little sunshine indoors. A few fresh flowers in my favorite colors? Check. An amazing turquoise Bauer vase? Check. Some Awesome Bears and friends to make you smile? Double check.

An added bonus? I’ve been sourcing and adding to the the vintage shop tons of amazing vintage kitchenware in lovely Spring colors- Lots of yellows, turquoise, pale greens and even a dash of pink here and there. Head over to Vint and see what’s new!

daily .img :: new family

A new family has moved into the neighborhood… And they’ve been tweeting up a storm. Well, chirping, anyhow!

We’ve been watching this mama mourning dove making her nest for the past week or so.. and today I see that her chicks have hatched! Looking forward to watching these little guys grow.

flashback friday

Almost three years ago, the whole Minor Thread operation picked up and made the move from Oakland to Los Angeles. Moving here to L.A., this little corner in my neighborhood was one of my favorite places in town.

It might look a little shabby and run-down, but I knew that it was full of history, and history being created, too. I was in love with the way the “wheatpaste wall” was evolving and changing every time I walked by. So bright, so vibrant, so alive.

Now, things have changed a lot. There’s a new market on that corner, replacing what was left behind when Joel Bloom passed away. The funny taqueria is now a pretty awesome pie shop. And even the old Al’s Bar (the stuff of legends) is a venue hosting yoga and theater productions.

Progress is good. But oh how I wish that revolving art gallery, that ever-changing wheatpaste wall, would come back.

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coffee roasters

daily .img :: night walk

Night Walk.

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