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daily .img :: early summer salad

A quick early-Summer “chopped” salad..

summer salad

Toss diced cucumber, sweet yellow corn, diced jicama, English peas, diced spring onions and basil chiffonade in a bowl with lime juice, olive oil, salt and a little pepper.


daily .img :: farmer’s market

Had a great time at the East Los Angeles Farmer’s Market this morning. A small market, but definitely a hidden gem of the East Side.

Now.. to put all of this good produce to use!

tea time.

daily .img :: simplicity.

Now that the crush of the holidays is over, the new year has been celebrated with lots of food and friends and the house is clean (thank goodness, finally, the house is clean!) we can get back to what we do best.

Simple. Warm. Good.

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