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I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but, maybe you’ll come along.

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Been busy many lots of new things for the Minor Thread shop!

Minor Thread

Minor Thread

Minor Thread

Minor Thread: The one and only..

The Minor Thread original ‘California Love’ pillow cover is quickly becoming a classic..

Minor Thread - California Love Pillow

Minor Thread - California Love Pillow

Minor Thread - California Love Pillow

Minor Thread - California Love Pillow

Each Golden State is hand-cut and hand-stitched with love, and just a hint at what’s to come from Minor Thread!

currently obsessed with…

The Croc Pile!

This is one of those items that I definitely do not need, but oh if I could find a reason to buy it… I would. Endless hours of entertainment– I can see it now.

Just stack ’em up!

The Croc Pile, $35 at poketo.com

Minor Thread, California Lovin’

Few things make me happier than some good, solid California Love. One of my favorite applique motifs right now is a visual interpretation of this theme.

Minor Thread California Love Tote

Each heart and California are hand-cut from a custom-made stencil, and hand-appliqued onto recycled or vintage fabrics. I love how it looks against this salvaged raw denim!

California Love Tote by Minor Thread

Coming soon to the shop, a new crop of California Love goods, including some awesome throw pillows!

See more California (and Los Angeles, and Bay Area) love at the Minor Thread shop!

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