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Take some time to get away…

I’m not one to relax, much. I’m not too good at “getting away.” But after a stressful first half of the year, it was agreed that- if only for one night- we could make the time to get away.

First, a cup of coffee at our favorite local coffee bar, Handsome.

Then North, up the coast (and through the woods) to Los Olivos.

Loved this little market in the center of town.

Then over to visit some of our friends in the wine business..

After which we spotted this beauty… A full restored vintage Airstream-style trailer, outfitted to serve.. you guessed it: cupcakes.

And then on to the next…

daily .img :: farmer’s market

Had a great time at the East Los Angeles Farmer’s Market this morning. A small market, but definitely a hidden gem of the East Side.

Now.. to put all of this good produce to use!

The Want List

Inspired by a question posed by the folks at Baggu this morning, I dreamt up this perfect little outfit for Spring! Of course, the only thing missing is a camera and that airline ticket from LAX-JFK.

1) Haney Dress, Steven Alan 2) Yellow Colorblock Hat, Target 3) Old Tennis Shoe, Swedish Hasbeens 4) Heart Shaped Buckle Belt, Asos 5) Lucite Ball Necklace, Far4

Now, who’s ready for a trip?

The Want List

I love to window shop. The best part about it is that you don’t have to take it all home, but sometimes- just sometimes- you find a few things that are so special you just have to make room.

Enter, The Want List.

1. Teak measuring spoons 2. Classic Chemex Coffee Brewer 3. Dansk Teak Ice Bucket 4. Ego Coffee Cup and Saucer 5. Heath Ceramics House Numbers in Yellow

daily .img :: dark spring

dark spring

dark spring

dark spring

dark spring

Prints for sale

Exciting news in the Minor Thread shop! I’ve finally found the time to produce more woodblock-mounted prints, and they were added to the shop last night.

A few of my favorites (well, they’re all my favorites, of course..!)

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

Minor Thread Prints

See all of the available prints in the Minor Thread shop, and stay tuned for more awesomeness through the summer!

two thoughts

There are two thoughts, circling through my head.

Followed shortly by…

This, my friends, is why I can’t make a decorating decision to save my life!

vintage love :: gingham

I came across these vintage cotton napkins a while back, and have been quietly keeping them to myself. However, they’re too cute not to share!

I really don’t need to add to my collection of vintage cloth napkins, so I decided to make them available in the shop.

More delightful gingham goodness!

Blue Gingham Dress

daily .img :: film detour

Sometimes, it’s good to get back to your roots. Remember what brought you to an art form in the first place.

This past weekend, I had a lot of time to think about just that. And as much as I appreciate the ease of creating images digitally, I do often miss the smell of the darkroom, the sight of prints drying on the rack and the feeling you get when something comes out just right– the first time, or after hours after hour, perfecting a skill.

A lot of that gets lost, without the use of film. I know that there are other skills and standards with digital work, but it’s just different.

Image on film

In a good way.

daily .img :: walls in color

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