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Another holiday season, another new year. Another 365 days of completely lax record-keeping, via this particular electronic forum.


Rolling the idea around in my head of creating some sort of project for 2015, something that will magically make me feel more productive, more useful, more valid.

But nothing stands out. I imagine I’ll continue to capture images, daily. Snapshots no one will ever see, film that never gets developed, instant photos that are never scanned.

Maybe this is enough.

Past perfect

September / October selects.

Palmetto Sunset

MCM lines


Silver lining

Gradient skyline






going somewhere

painted horse

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but, maybe you’ll come along.


Vintage Cinex camera

Vintage Cinex camera

‘Cameraman sways to remember how the eye dances.’
-Mike Doughty


Polaroid by ch |Impossible Cyanograph Film | Minor Thread blog


Impossible Cyanograph Film | April 2014
Los Angeles, California

A photograph to mark the occasion

Polaroid photo by ch | Charlie Wright

A photograph to mark the occasion of Edwin Land’s birthday | May 7, 2014

into the light

In light of recent events… I found this quote by Nelson Mandela to be appropriate.

There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.

Please feel free to share this image.

daily .img :: flora

May flowers

May flowers.

daily .img :: early summer salad

A quick early-Summer “chopped” salad..

summer salad

Toss diced cucumber, sweet yellow corn, diced jicama, English peas, diced spring onions and basil chiffonade in a bowl with lime juice, olive oil, salt and a little pepper.


daily .img :: busy bee

Been busy many lots of new things for the Minor Thread shop!

Minor Thread

Minor Thread

Minor Thread

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