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Memphis in March

Memphis, TN // March 2017
Nikon D7100

Beale Street, Memphis

Past perfect

September / October selects.

Palmetto Sunset

MCM lines


Silver lining

Gradient skyline






daily .img :: observatory

Griffith Park :: Polaroid

Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles | April 30, 2013
Polaroid SX-70 Blend film

On Boston.

A few images, from our trip to Boston a couple of years ago.

Street lamp


I’d never been to Boston, and maybe was much less excited about being in Boston than I was about being in New York. We had just left New York, taking the train into Boston. It was our second trip to New York, a very short one. Only enough time to see a few sights, eat some great food, visit wonderful friends– and to get engaged, over a glass of wine in the East Village.



How could a week in Boston compare to the magic of Manhattan? It was hot, it was muggy, it was.. Massachusetts. But we explored, most of the time with family, and I found so many things to photograph.




So much history, so much good food, so much brick!




So many things that I knew my father would love to see, if he ever gets a chance to visit.




By the time we left Boston and made our way back to Los Angeles, I found myself missing it… I missed sitting in a cafe on a hot afternoon, sipping Campari and soda… I missed the gelato… the beautiful buildings.



Boston, I am thinking of you, today.

daily .img :: frills


Taken 12.8.12

daily .img :: polaroid style


Taken 1.1.13

daily .img :: december sky

Sun setting on December– on 2012– as seen from my window in Los Angeles.

December Sky

December Sky

daily .img :: sept

fine foods.

part two

So go.

This is your signal…

I’ve been thinking.. there are a lot of big things happening soon. Some of them positive- some of them heartbreaking, but a natural part of life. David and I are throwing a really big party next month, for all of our family and friends. It’s really just putting a bow on a commitment that we made to each other a long time ago, but it will feel good to celebrate and share that with the people we love.

At the same time, I’m trying to prepare myself for the loss of a family member who is not in good health- and his family suffered the same loss earlier this year. There is simply no way to “prepare” for something like this, and really, I don’t think I’ve ever really had to process it- at least not as an adult. It’s an impossible-but-inevitable experience.

Talking with a friend last night who recently turned 30, she told me about her “mantra” for this year of her life. Go. GO. Of course, I could identify– I remember turning 30, and thinking exactly the same. Scratch that- I remember turning 25, flailing my arms at the world and trying to grab onto something- something that would propel me forward. I needed this reminder so much at the time, I made it a permanent part of my life and my skin. Every day I see the words (rendered in my friend Ben’s handwriting): So go.

Have I? I suppose I have. I’ve gone further than I thought possible in such a short time– even though sometimes it feel like “forever” and “nowhere.” And really, there is so much further to go. But I’ll get there.

daily .img :: bits of june

minor thread blog - june

minor thread blog - june

minor thread blog - june

minor thread blog - june

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