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vintage california

One of the most fun parts (so far!) of wedding planning has been dreaming up exactly what the day will look like. To set the tone, I started collecting vintage California postcards… It’s been a fun task, involving many hours on eBay and a few trips to the flea market.

The not fun part? Sending all of these beauties off, as save-the-date cards. So I decided to scan them all– yes, all!– so I can continue to enjoy them.

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

Vintage Calfiornia

I have a lot of these, so there will be more to share, later!

daily .img :: jet setting

Not quite, but.. a quick weekend trip does make it feel that way.



daily .img :: that’s it.

2012 is going to be a big year. A big, big year. New adventure, new growth. A lot of new images.

For me, capturing the little things has always been the most important. All of the most important memories are in the details. That little flash of something that catches your eye on a city street, the small vignettes of daily life. The vast horizon, a distant city skyline. For me, that’s what really counts. That’s it.


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